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Group Coaching

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Group coaching is an opportunity for us to learn and grow together. We will support one another in overcoming challenges unique to our experiences living abroad. Because, let's face it, our friends and family back home just don't get it. But we do. Won't you join us?

What will we achieve?


Create meaningful connections with other folx who truly understand what you're going through. Some folx may even be able to provide insight to how they've overcome them before!


Farrah will bring in skills for us to learn and practice as a group that address the challenges your group is facing. This means that it will be very tailored to you, rather than just generic skills you may find online.


It can be uncomfortable to talk about these difficult experiences with other folx--but this uncomfortably is where growth and change happens! Experience the magic that happens when we build each other up.

Let's Explore

Group coaching calls will happen twice a month for four months. Folx are welcome to bring topics to group coaching calls that they are experiencing as someone living abroad. Groups will have a maximum of 10 travelers to ensure that everyone is getting the support and time they need. These groups are also closed--meaning it will always be the same travelers, rather than folx coming and going. This helps to create a safer space.

Discovery Call

20 min

Do you want to learn more? Want to make sure that this is a good fit?  Let's talk about what is getting in the way and how I can help you. 


Group Coaching Call

Eight 60 min group calls

This is where change happens! Together, we will create a safe space for us to overcome the mindset challenges in our way of living our best lives abroad.

$50 USD/call ($400 USD total)

Mountain Range

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