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Hi there!

I'm Farrah Woodring (she/her), Licensed Clinical Therapist (LCSW) and Mental Health Coach. I'm so excited that you're here! Whatever the reason for you being here--whether you're homesick for some familiar comfort food or wondering, "What if I'm not cut out for this?"--I'm here to help.

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My Story

Imagine this: after months (sometimes years!) of prepping, saving money, quitting your old job, selling your stuff, and hitting the road, you finally make it! Here you are--sitting on that beautiful beach that most folx only see on their computer desktop background. You sit there, with your toes in the sand, take a deep breath in of that salty air...

And, nothing.

That sense of loneliness. The confusion, self-doubt, and fear that can creep in unannounced. These are all obstacles I have experienced myself while traveling abroad. I heard the same stories from my expat and digital nomad friends. They lamented about the difficulties of creating and sustaining meaningful relationships, managing culture shock, and just how absolutely exhausting it can be to be on the road full-time.


That's when it clicked…what if I was a mental health coach for travelers, expats, digital nomads, and other folks living abroad? The traditional mental health systems of the world have many limitations that keep folx abroad from engaging in the services they need. Coaching provides more freedom and breaks down those barriers.

While coaching is not traditional psychotherapy, I bring that background with me and it informs our sessions together. This background and years of experience is what makes my coaching sessions different from other life coaches. Maybe you are in the beginning stages of planning your new life abroad. Maybe you’ve been traveling for years. Let’s figure out how to scale these mountains so you can come out on top feeling grounded and empowered.


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